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 "Savannah is absolutely amazing at brow waxing! She takes her time and shapes brows to perfection. After so many failures with threaders and waxes, I'm now so happy with the shape of my brows!"
- Ashoorina

"She takes her time & shapes brows to perfection!"

"Every single time I come to Savannah, it's always a great experience! I typically get a waxing/shaping and my tint. I don't feel normal without it! The tint is so beautifully and I feel so confident!"
- Bethany

"the tint is beautiful & I feel so confident!"

Savannah is the best of the best!!! She is so talented and detail oriented in every service she offers. I always recommend her to everyone! She is also very accommodating when needed. I'm so happy I found her!
- Raquel

"She's so talented & detail oriented, I'm so happy"


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BROW PRODUCTS ● LAMINATION ● LASH LIFTS ● Brow waxing ● Products ● Lamination ● Lash Lifts


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